About Us!

Symmetrical Lifestyle is kind of our lifetime project- creating balanced lives in the midst of chaos.  Josh and I feel as though the world has it’s priorities screwed up a bit, and it’s really important to stay anchored to the important things in life. We believe that living a balanced lifestyle involves simplicity, humility, pure entertainment, building up the community, living healthy, and provident living.

Josh and I were married at the end of 2010 in the Salt Lake Temple. He’s from Riverton, UT and I’m from Yucaipa, CA- I came up to Utah to attend BYU and finish my Bachelor’s in Latin American Studies, and Josh was working on his Business degree.  As awkward as it is to say, we met on LDSsingles.com.  Yes, I know. But hey, love is love.

Josh works for a company called Reading Horizons which is a reading curriculum company that, according to my husband is the best reading program in the world! He does marketing and sales for the home use program and pops in from time to time to speak his mind about business and the homeschooling world.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you stop by often!

If you would like to drop either of us a line you can reach either of us at:


We are a PR friendly blog.

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