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Simplicity: Family

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So you have a degree, now what?

First off, I wanted to apologize for the NON-BLOGGING I’ve been doing. I have many excuses for why, but we’ll just skip those for now. Also, please set aside any college favoritism and competitiveness (i.e. BYU sucks, my school’s better … Continue reading

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New Mom Realizations

Our darling son Jaxton came on April 14th, and boy did our world change! There’s a lot of things people tell you about how being a new mom will be, and though these advice bits were helpful, I’ve had a … Continue reading

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Amidst Never Ending Change

We’ve had our very first baby boy and child! And boy do I feel like I’ve been hit by a freight train when he’s screaming at me to do something. Do what? i’m asking. I have no clue what i’m … Continue reading

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