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Update: Making Your Home a Haven

The other day, we posted about Women Living Well’s  31 Day Challenge: Making Your Home a Haven, and today we’re going to update how exactly that is going! Well, the challenge started on November 5th and involved lighting a candle … Continue reading

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Simplicity: Family

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Keep it on your mind, write it down!

Around this time of year we all start to try and think what we’re thankful for. Each year we say to ourselves that we should be this thankful all year ‘round. We also need to instill in our children their … Continue reading

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No More Babies. Because I Said So.

How many kids do you want to have? How did you decide that? Did your own family size have anything to do with that? Did your environment have anything to do with that? When Josh and I got married, he … Continue reading

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So you have a degree, now what?

First off, I wanted to apologize for the NON-BLOGGING I’ve been doing. I have many excuses for why, but we’ll just skip those for now. Also, please set aside any college favoritism and competitiveness (i.e. BYU sucks, my school’s better … Continue reading

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Our Frugal Christmas

So here’s the deal, this is our first Christmas with a kid.. outside of the womb… and last year we didn’t get our family anything because we had just gotten into a house, were pregnant, and poor. I know, shame … Continue reading

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The Family and the Economy

The New York Times just came out with an article about the changing roles of the sexes in the economy. It’s been slowly transitioning since the feminist movement, and especially since the recession, and now alarming numbers of women are entering … Continue reading

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