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Soft Toys That Save the Children

As we near Christmas, we tend to have the urge to give back, but rarely do we find a way to give back WHILE doing the Christmas shopping. IKEA is helping people do that. The following is an excerpt from their … Continue reading

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The Family and the Economy

The New York Times just came out with an article about the changing roles of the sexes in the economy. It’s been slowly transitioning since the feminist movement, and especially since the recession, and now alarming numbers of women are entering … Continue reading

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World’s Latest Endangered Species: The Family

Many things have changed throughout the  last few decades… Shorter skirts, more women in the workplace, inflation of the economy, rising abortion rates, more rampant pornography, skyrocketing divorce rate, plummet in childbirth rates (as in less kids per family), more … Continue reading

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