Thrifty Finds and Projects

One thing I’m super passionate about is saving money. It stems partly out of necessity, sure, but I really do enjoy saving money and being creative. Here’s a couple things I ran across this last week.

1. For your homeschool or kids- Saving Dollars and Sense has a free printable packet with activities for your kids specifically for Veteran’s Day.

2. For your belly – Budget Bytes has a recipe for Sweet Potato Grits that looks divine, and cheap!

3. For Christmas – The Prudent Homemaker is doing a series of making all of her children’s Christmas presents, and one of those is a scrap material scarf. I thought this was such a great idea I’m going to make some for presents for the women in the family 🙂

4. For you daughters or little girls in your life – The Prudent Homemaker also showcased a gift to make that you could get really creative with, flower barrettes.

5. For your kids on long car rides or church services – Blessings Overflowing featured how to make fabric marble mazes with various designs to keep you little ones busy!

6. For your baby – The Happy Housewife has a code for a free carseat canopy, you just pay for shipping.

7. For you military folk – Money Saving Mom shared Denny’s press release disclosing that and active, inactive, and retired military personel with military ID card get free all-you-can-eat pancakes!

Excellent! So go out there and save some money. Do you know about any deals or ways to save money?

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