Update: Making Your Home a Haven

The other day, we posted about Women Living Well’s  31 Day Challenge: Making Your Home a Haven, and today we’re going to update how exactly that is going!

Well, the challenge started on November 5th and involved lighting a candle in your home. Every time you see the candle, you say about of peace for your family. Having done that, I decided I’m going to change a few things.

1) The candle – I used both a candle and a Scentsy, and decided to use an unscented candle in the future. Sure it’s nice to have your house smelling nice, but I have a 6 month old, so I don’t want his little senses to be assaulted (we have a pretty small house so the scent travels fast). Also, my allergies have started being crazy with the falling leaves outside so the scent was REALLY irritating my nose.

2) The prayers – I began by praying for peace, but after the first 10 times I started praying about other things. But later on I decided to stop praying FOR things, because it seemed like I was asking for too much. Instead, I find it better to thank Heavenly Father for something, so that throughout the day, your gratitude and humility grow, which would increase the peace in the home.

Those are just my suggestions. How are you doing the challenge? Stay tuned for the next step in the challenge on Nov. 12th!

And don’t forget to check out Women Living Well!

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