Shoes That Make a Difference

We recently came across a shoe brand at a local ski movie and coat drive event that is pretty awesome, so we decided to share! We LOVE featuring companies that give back to the community, but the even cooler thing about this company is that you can CHOOSE where you want them to donate. Awesome right? It’s KURU footwear, and this is what they have to say.


This is Your World, Your Future, and Your Cause

Imagine if you had the ability to control how the companies you patronize give back. Our Consumer Empowered Sustainability™ program does just that. It’s simple: You choose where KURU donates a portion of its profits from your purchase.

We’ve hand-selected causes that focus on The Four Pillars of Sustainability and Social Responsibility™:

  • Education – educating our children towards a brighter future
  • Economic Development – lifting people out of abject poverty
  • Health – solving health and disease to help people live longer, happier and better
  • Environmental Impact – addressing our environmental impact so all can have a beautiful earth to enjoy

We view sustainability as a lifestyle, a change of attitude. It’s about improving the world around us; creating opportunities; and leaving a legacy for our children. All of us have the power to effect social and environmental change. With our revolutionary Consumer Empowered Sustainability™ program, you can help make a difference.

Join us as we make a difference. Simply register your purchase and select your charity of choice.



Isn’t that great? And yes, ladies and gentlemen, it does still get better. Their shoes look awesome and are supposed to be amazingly comfortable and durable. We really love what they’re doing. You should check out their website and see the things they’re up to!

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