How KIND Are You?

Have you heard of KIND bars? A couple months ago I got a free sample of them and they were fantastic. They’re like a super-amazing granola bar. But the cool thing is that the company is so much more than a producer of healthy deliciousness – they change the world, one BIG KIND act at a time.

They describe what they do as follows, “Each month KIND challenges its community to carry out a specific act of kindness.  If enough people sign up to complete that act of kindness, KIND carries out a BIG KIND Act for a group of people that really needs it.”

They work on one mission at a time, and show the progression towards that goal on their website. Here was the last mission —>>>


In September, KIND asked people to go out of their way to make someone feel special. Because enough people pledged to do so, KIND partnered with Birthday Wishes to host birthday parties for hundreds of children in need throughout the upcoming year.

For our first birthday party, KIND worked with Birthday Wishes to host a birthday party for our special birthday boy, Eddie by outfitting his celebration with decorations, gifts and a Halloween-inspired birthday cake. Joined by 20 of Eddie’s closest family and friends, the KIND team shared in a day of songs and games – making it a birthday party to remember. Thanks to the KIND community for making this possible.


Isn’t that awesome? Now the mission has changed, this mission involves them providing Thanksgiving meals to families in need. All you have to do to support their cause is pledge on their website to give thanks to someone who has impacted your life. Easy right? So let’s all go pledge to do something good, so our efforts will be multiplied. I’m going to write a letter to  my older brother, who helped raise me.

Who will you write the letter to? Remember to pledge on their website!

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1 Response to How KIND Are You?

  1. Alison says:

    Thanks for the post. You’ve got me thinking…who should I express gratitude to?

    You know, these little challenges seem to be quite the thing these days, especially with the internet that can reach out to so many. But they really work (for me, anyway), and it is fun to engage with others when taking on a challenge. This is a great use of that strategy.

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