No More Babies. Because I Said So.

How many kids do you want to have? How did you decide that? Did your own family size have anything to do with that? Did your environment have anything to do with that?

When Josh and I got married, he wanted 2 kids and I wanted 4 so we figured we’d compromise at 3. Seemed reasonable enough. When we moved into our current ward, we talked to a number of families who let God decide how many kids they had, which sparked many conversations between Josh and I. I thought, “How could I go through labor that many times!?!?!?” While for Josh, it was more like “I’d lose my mind. I couldn’t handle it. I’d straight up lose my mind.” Then we had Jax.

He was such a blessing to us, and we were so thankful to be given the opportunity to raise and care for him. However, we still had our child limits set in our minds.  Through various church meetings and messages, we started to get a different perspective on things.

We believe that children have chosen their family before coming down to earth to obtain their mortal bodies. If that’s true, and you stop having kids, what about the other little angels in Heaven who were waiting to be in your family?

We believe that children are blessings. If that’s true, who are you to limit blessings from God? You don’t say, “Hey, Heavenly father, I don’t need these blessings, go ahead and give them so someone else.”

We believe that if you are living God’s commandments and upholding your covenants, Heavenly Father will take care of you and provide for you. If that’s true, you shouldn’t worry about having enough money for extra kids because if Heavenly Father is going to bless you with a child, you can be darn sure he’s going to provide the necessities for that child.

In light of these among other beliefs, as well as much prayer, we’ve decided to not limit the children that Heavenly Father will give to us. On the other side, that also means we won’t “try” to have children specifically. We’re just going to let Heavenly Father bless us as he chooses. This may not mean we have 10 kids or anything, we may very well get to 3 and be told that our family is complete. Who knows! … well Heavenly Father knows… and who are we to tell him we know what’s better for us?


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3 Responses to No More Babies. Because I Said So.

  1. Jordyn Koch says:

    I saw the title of this blog post, and thought, “Oh no! What made them decide not to have any more kids?” Glad to hear that you’re still sticking to your guns. 😉

  2. pinulotta says:

    I agree with Emily completely -well said!

  3. pinulotta says:

    One more thing, thanks for following my blog! 🙂

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