Our Previous Homeowners, and How They Constantly Drive Me Up the Wall

Oh. My. Goodness. I really needed to vent right now, but to understand the context, I must give you a little background…

Josh and I moved into our home a little over a year ago, after it had been on the market for a year and a half from a foreclosure. We knew we were getting into a fixer-upper. When we moved in, there weren’t screens on the windows, the water heater wasn’t working, the swamp cooler was dead, we didn’t have a fridge or a stove, and I was pregnant. In August. Needless to say, we’ve slowly been improving our home, though with EVERY SINGLE PROJECT we find things that our previous homeowners did to make things ten times harder for us.

For example, when I was uber-prego and stopped working, I went on a cleaning streak to prepare for baby Jax, and decided to clean out the heating registers in the hallway. It was a simple task, there were only two. Well I got through one of them easily enough, and when I went to remove the other I found that our previous homeowners had USED HUGE CONSTRUCTION NAILS TO NAIL THE HEATING REGISTER INTO THE WALL. Who does that? That’s the question we ask during every. single. project. Obviously I was twarted in my attempts to remove that particular register and to this day it sits there, taunting me, because I hate to think of the wall repair I’d have to do to fix the wall after I take my crowbar to the register to get it off the stinkin’ wall. (Also, these same infamous nails our used in the rails that hold the closet doors up. In every single room. And of course the rails are bent and doors useless… But that’s for another day…)

ANYWHO, I’ve been slowly but surely painting our kitchen when Jax is sleeping. It calms me to cover the horrid dark pink walls with beautiful opal white paint… Like I’m conquering those homeowners and their awful paint. Really, I could do an entire post on how awful the paint was and still is in our home. But… there’s a strip of striped red and white wallpaper in the dining room that is no where else in the house… repeat… one strip of wallpaper that there is nowhere else in the house… So today as I watched it slowly peel away, I decided to rip the little bugger off the wall and see how horrendous it was below… Sure enough… take a look.

Awfulness in my dining room.

I’m sorry for making the picture so big, I just wanted you to truly see how awful it is. Let me describe what exactly is going on here (please pay no attention to the litter box that I just realized is in the photo… how embarrassing!). First of all you see my… lovely… cough, cough… dark PINK paint in my dining room, that is not red my friends. At the top is the wonderful striped wallpaper that is no where else in the house… ahem. A chair rail that is maybe 6 inches long and serves no purpose. Then below, where I ripped off the paper is STICK ON LINOLEUM SQUARES….. BELOW WALLPAPER…. WHAAAAAAAT????? Below that, slightly peeking through, is… well I’m not sure… but it’s uneven and ugly! And it has adhesive on it! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….

I also need to mention that this lovely strip of wall is not flush with its pink neighbor, but rather protrudes about a half an inch.

Yet again my previous homeowners have thwarted me… Now I must sit and plot how exactly to make this NOT look like the disaster it is…. … …

Do you have any previous homeowner horror stories? 🙂

Much love,


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