Our Frugal Christmas

So here’s the deal, this is our first Christmas with a kid.. outside of the womb… and last year we didn’t get our family anything because we had just gotten into a house, were pregnant, and poor. I know, shame shame… But this year we’re going to make it better! Though we still don’t have very much money, we’ll just be very careful… So I’ve decided to take you along our journey of doing Christmas for $150. Here are the details:

$100 goes for our families, which include:

Josh (though he doesn’t know it yet), his parents, brother, and his brother’s girlfriend.

Emily’s parents (2 sets), and both grandmothers. Emily does have half-siblings, but the money will only go so far 😦 If we have extra we’ll definitely get them something though!

The other $50 will go to our son. Now when I was pregnant, Josh and I decided how we were going to do gifts for our kids for Christmas and birthdays. We both don’t think you should spoil kids and these days kids are way to materialistic. Here are the categories for the 4 gifts for Jax, or any future child:

1) Something they want

2) Something they need

3) Something to wear

4) Something to read

I’m pretty stoked about this challenge and I don’t really know if I can do it but it would be really awesome if we could! Oh, and if you were ANYONE on this list… please don’t read the following posts because it will talk about your presents… please…


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