Fall Wreath on a Dime… Well almost

So last week I made a sweet fall wreath for SUPER cheap, so I just had to share! It ended up being about $7.


1. Wreath (they have woven wreaths at the Dollar store)

2. Fake leaves and/or flowers (Dollar stores, craft store, I got mine at Family Dollar)

3. Glue gun and sticks


Start by cutting your foliage of of the stems.


Next, lay our your foliage to get an idea about what sort or arrangement you want.


Then hot glue it on! Be liberal, and tack down leaf ends. The wreath will be in the wind so the leaves need to be secure.


Then hang it! You can either put a nail in your door (I did because it’ll encourage me to have a wreath up all year) or hang it on a ribbon, hooked onto an upside-down Command hook on the back of the door… Please forgive me awful door, one day I’ll have a new, Mediterranean-blue front door!

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