The Art of Frugality

One thing that Josh and I are really passionate about is frugality, and frugality is an essential part of living a balanced lifestyle. By this we mean not just living WITHIN you means but maybe even BELOW your means. I’m a little crazier about frugality than Josh, mainly because I’m the one doing the grocery shopping and such. But saving money combines with my desire to make my house a nice home for my family to create an interesting mix. I’m going to start a new series on the blog that is about my adventures in saving money in terms of everything from decorating my home for the holidays to cooking dinner to dressing my family. We divide up our finances very specifically, living on about 75% of our income, and not leaving much for arts and crafts and such to keep me sane throughout the day – hence the challenge. So I’m going to undertake a project of decorating my house and for the holidays with as little money as possible and post about it. Part of this is for me to be able to save money while having a warm and inviting home, but at the same time I’m trying to improve my crafting skills that currently reside at… zero.  I’m pretty stoked for this!


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