The Anti-Pornography Movement

Pornography is an silent epidemic sweeping the nation, putting individuals and families in danger. It’s silent because they don’t realize it, in fact many people believe that pornography is not bad, wrong, or detrimental. But like I said, it’s a silent epidemic, extremely harmful to those involves, as well as to their families. Did you know that there are 4.2 million pornography sites on the internet? How about the fact that it’s a $57 billion dollar industry each year around the world? The pornography industry gets more revenue than all professional sports combined. There’s a really great website where I’m getting all of my data for this post, and that is They are a “nonprofit organization and a website full of helpful resources on the devastating harms of pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking and sexual slavery.” They have great documentaries and testimonies about the porn industry, completely non-religious affiliated (as you can see on their home page). So let’s get into the details of WHY it’s so bad, for those of you who may not see it as an epidemic…

Pornography Hurts Men

Pornography isn’t just a pleasurable past-time of men, it’s a disease that men pay a terrible price for. First of all, it warps men’s self-image of themselves, giving them deranged ideas about their own masculinity and their role in a relationship with a woman. Those who begin viewing porn tend to view women as objects, rather than as precious individuals. This hinders men’s ability to maintain healthy, long-term relationships and actually lowers men’s overall happiness with their life, particularly their intimacy with their wives. Married men tend to constantly be disappointed in their wife and their intimate life  because they compare these things with “reality” in pornographic materials. Men with a habit of viewing pornography are also more likely to be violent to women, as they see violence or forcefulness as accepted or even a turn-on for them.  These affects obviously radiate out to those around them, particularly their families.

Pornography Hurts Women

The stereotype is that men are the ones who view pornography, however it’s becoming rampant among women as well. About 30% of all pornographic material viewed on the internet is by women, which was CRAZY to me! Between women themselves viewing it and men viewing the material, women’s image has been drastically altered. Society views women as sex symbols, far from their real worth. Women are putting up with more abuse, and obsessing over being “sexy” to the point of body alterations of all kinds. Wives’ libido is plummeting because they are compared to women in porn, which further strains marriages. Unfortunately, the damages of porn don’t stop here.

Pornography Hurts Children

I was SHOCKED when I read that the average age for kids to be exposed to porn was 11 YEARS OLD. Oh man, I still can’t get over that. Many men who have a porn addiction say that have a hard time looking at their daughters or their daughters’ friends because of their addiction. Child porn is increasingly rampant, though illegal it may be. Of all the types of porn, child pornography is the most sickening to me, it literally makes me feel sick to my stomach. There is NOTHING beneficial for children in regards to porn, all is does is exploit them, distort their views of the world, and tear apart their families.

Pornography Hurts Families

Obviously, if pornography is hurting the parts of the family, it is damaging the family as a whole as well. I feel as though there’s a connection between the rising rates of divorce in the past few decades and the explosion of accessibility to pornography. Pornography is one of the greatest poisons to the family because it strains the relationship between the husband and wife, as well as to their children.

Pornography has led to a desensitized, sexually explicit world that I for one would dread to raise my kids in. I would encourage everyone to check out, it’s a great resource for those with the addiction, or know someone afflicted.

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3 Responses to The Anti-Pornography Movement

  1. ditchthemarriage says:

    It helped destroy my marriage, all of this is true, thankful someone is adressing this hinestly, thank u for posting

  2. Jordyn Koch says:

    Pornography ruined several of my dad’s marriages, and his example led to my brother’s pornography addiction. I can’t even begin to express how appalling pornography is. It makes me shake with anger when I hear people (especially women!) excuse it as just “something all men do”. Pornography harms your soul, your mind, and your family. I just wish more poeple understood that.

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