Diaper Wars: The Amazing Pocket Diaper!

For those of  you who aren’t aware, there are these AMAZING things called Pocket Diapers. It’s basically a cloth diaper that has a … pocket… so you can stuff all kinds of absorbent materials inside to soak up your baby’s waste. Cloth Diaper-ers like myself often use them at night because they can soak up way more than a normal cloth diaper, so unless   your baby goes #2, you don’t have to change the kid all night! Jax either has to be in a pocket diaper or a disposable for night time, because if he’s in a normal cloth diaper, I have to get up every 2 hours just to change him! blah. In our marvelous Birth to Potty Training Kit of cloth diapers (link to the package here)  we received 3 pocket diaper shells, and a bunch of absorbent stuff to stuff them with! However, I do cloth diaper laundry every 2 days, so if Jax goes through 2 a night (he only recently stopped going #2 in the middle of the night), then I’d have to use a disposable the second night. Well the disposable diapers we received from my baby showers stopped at size 2 (which my chunk kid barely fits into now), so we won’t have that disposable backup anymore. Therefore, we decided we need to buy probably 2 more pocket diapers with the stuffing then we should be good! Anywho, these pocket diapers are amazing and we love them and we couldn’t cloth diaper without them! Check out the pix…

This is one of our pocket diapers, before the stuffing.

The stuffing itself…

The act of stuffing…

And finally, the stuffed pocket diaper. Just in case you all needed a tutorial on stuffing pocket diapers lol.




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