The Family- Reunions and History

Josh and I were lucky enough attend my family’s reunion this past weekend! Of course we did an awesome job of forgetting our camera in his mom’s car the DAY before we left… fail… and therefore don’t have any pictures to share 😦 Anywho, it got me thinking about how important family reunions are for families in general!

Our reunion is a pretty good size, about 60-70 people, every year same weekend. It’s in Arco, ID because so much of my family lives there still. I could go on for DAYS about how much I love Arco and how in my dreamy other life I’d have a ranch there blah blah blah… So the reunion is for my great-great-grandmother’s family (my grandmother is 1 of 8, hence the huge attendance), and each year one of my grandmother’s family is chosen to host it (well, their kids and grandkids etc.). Josh hadn’t ever attended a formal reunion like ours before, and he really enjoyed it, especially because he hadn’t met much of my extended family before the reunion. At the reunion we all get together at a park (in the shade), eat tons of food everyone brought, hold a silent auction for things my family has made where the proceedings go towards the next year’s reunion, share family history stories, and of course we all catch up with each other and see how our families have grown.

I hadn’t been to Idaho, or a reunion for 12 YEARS. Okay so I’m 23… 12 years is half of my life. It was amazing how much I felt disconnected from my heritage, until I went back this weekend. I felt as though I had a void I hadn’t realized until it was filled. The reunion made me realize how important it was for me and my family to stay close to our heritage so that our children can know their roots. For example, one of the stories that was shared at the reunion involved one of our ancestor’s diary entry about when he crossed the Atlantic in the Mayflower. How cool would that be to read!?

I really encourage every family to get going with family reunions, to make it a tradition. Your whole family will prosper. With that, knowing your genealogy and doing family history can also anchor you to your roots. Most of my mom’s family are Mormons, so we’re all into family history. I thought it would be pretty lame until I found that my family hooked into a French royal line, my connection to William the Great, and many generations in Switzerland! Josh and I strongly believe that by being connected to our families and heritage, we can stay grounded in this crazy world, and it can strengthen our current and future families.

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3 Responses to The Family- Reunions and History

  1. Jordyn Koch says:

    I love family reunions! My side of the family does them sporadically (we’re all unorganized and procrastinators, Lol) but Trevor’s family has one every year ont he same weekend, and they’re so much fun! One of the reasons we want several kids is so that our family will be big enough to have fun family reuinions and get-togethers as our kids start having kids of their own. 🙂

  2. Alison says:

    Nicely worded, Emily. Hmmm…should we stir up the Cuyler side of things as well?

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