Just ‘Cause: The Introduction

Charity is a HUGE part of living a well balanced lifestyle. I say this as a fact, because everyone we find to be truly happy has instilled the power of charity in their lives. Giving to others and fighting for the “Just ‘Cause” (thank Emily for the clever play on words) brings passion, deeper meaning, and joy to our lives. Soooo we wanted to start a series of posts dedicated to the spirit of charity.

Emily and I are going to do at least one post per week on two causes we find close to our hearts, the family and literacy. We’ll blog about current events regarding each cause, organizations supporting our causes, and things we are doing to help support these causes as well. A huge reason we wanted to do this was to get us motivated to be more charitable, I guess now that I’ve made this post we’ll have to do more… right? This is really an experiment for us. We’ve tried in the past to make charity an important part of our lives, but you know how life’s craziness has a funny way of distracting you…. ahem… It is our hope that by setting aside time for charity, we will become more like our Savior and have the joy that comes from the pure love of Christ (Moro. 7:47).

You may already know how passionate we are about family, if not, just check out Emily’s post about the family. However, you may not know how passionate we are about LITERACY. Whoo, go literacy! The company I work for, Reading Horizons, has allowed us to see the need for literacy in the world. My time with them has helped me see the importance of something I’ve taking for granted and we would love to help others who are less fortunate.

Our entries will be posted under “Just ‘Cause” with sub categories “The Family” and “Literacy.” Join us and follow along as we take this journey! We hope to have few others kicking us in the butt if we start to slack a little.

Josh (and a little bit of Emily XD)

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1 Response to Just ‘Cause: The Introduction

  1. Alison says:

    Can’t wait to see what comes down the pike!

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