Diaper Wars Episode 2: The Tale of the Rash

One of the big critiques about cloth diapering is diaper rash. Sure cloth diapers don’t wick moisture away like disposable (actually my BumGenius pocket diapers wick BETTER), so therefore, hypothetically, your child is more likely to get diaper rash. HOWEVER, do not be deceived by this apparent flaw in cloth diapering. Jaxton is one of those kids that gets diaper rash at the drop of a hat, whether he’s in a disposable or cloth. I know every kid is different… one of my friends can blow dry her son’s bum after the bath and he’s rash free, well Jax isn’t so lucky. He was having AWFUL diaper rash to the point where the pediatrician gave us this antibiotic ointment for it. Well, the ointment was kind of helping but then we ran out of it and have tried every trick in the book since. We used this antibiotic ointment, Neosporin, generic Neosporin, blow-drying the bum after EVERY change, cornstarch, wet rag, dry rag, baby powder (and no, I didn’t expel the dust where Jax could breathe it in), Desitin, and GroVia Magic Stick. Out of all these Desitin helped but the Magic Stick completely solved the problem. Notice my list stops at the Magic Stick…

I know it sounds cheesy but the GroVia Magic Stick is LITERALLY MAGIC!!! (btw we use cloth wipes with my own solution mix and we know he wasn’t allergic to the wipe solution) Jax hasn’t had a rash at all since I tried this stick.  It’s kind of like a large chapstick, except for the baby bum. It has this cute little box on it that says, “Share the love – not the stick. This one belongs to                                 ” just in case you have more than one kid who needs the stick I guess. The even BETTER part of this stick is it’s all natural, take a look!

And the stick is more than just all natural, it’s organic, petroleum-free, hands free, and can be used for cloth or disposable-diapered babies (and it smells AMAZING). It works for any type of diaper rash, for example it has helped Jax when he had the everywhere-bright-red rash, the dry-bumping-skin-rash, and the bright-red-dots rash. This stick came with the cloth diapering kit we bought (read more about that here). But on Amazon I’m seeing they’re for around $14. And I tell ya, this stick lasts forever (which is a huge relief because we went through Desitin so quick!). By the way I’m not reviewing this stick formally or receiving compensation for it blah blah blah. It’s just so amazing I had to share! What have you found works best for diaper rash? 🙂


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6 Responses to Diaper Wars Episode 2: The Tale of the Rash

  1. Jordyn says:

    Yay! I’m glad you found a solution that works for you! Fortunately Alia has never had diaper rash (or at least never had it bad enough that she’s complained). However, if that changes at any point, I know what to buy! 🙂

  2. Alison says:

    Thank goodness you found a solution. Sounds like he has enjoyed the whole gamut (sp?) of diaper rashes. May his bum be forever pink! (as in not red!)

  3. Interesting. We used cloth diapers with my first daughter and the only time she got diaper rash was when she was in disposable diapers. So we just avoided disposables and she never had rashes. We used a diaper service for the first six months and then BumGenius cloth diapers. My second daughter was more prone to diaper rash, but never really had anything bad. But this does sound like a nifty product. Thanks for a second.

  4. doingwrongright says:

    We just had a short bout of diaper rash, and after a few days of as much naked time as possible and a bit of not cloth diaper safe ointment it went away. It was a huge hassle trying to protect the diapers from the ointment, so I’m going to try this stick instead next time. Thanks for spreading the word!

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