Wait a minute, I get to celebrate Mother’s Day!?!?

So this year I celebrated my first Mother’s Day (If you couldn’t tell from the title lol) and it was AMAZING. I feel like Mother’s Days are better than birthdays because you’re not just being appreciated for being alive for another year, but rather for actually being an awesome mom. Sure, I’ve only been a mom for a month and two days now, but dang it I’ve worked my tail off!


Sunday was one of those days I just wanted to stare at my little Jax and take in his amazing-ness.  I guess it has hit me that I’m a mom now, since I spend all day with Jax changing diapers, feeding him etc… But it’s more than that.  Now that I’m a mom I feel this new responsibility, not just for keeping him alive and everything, but for doing everything in my power to give him the brightest future possible.  For us, that means raising Jax in the church, homeschooling him, and giving him the opportunity to develop his hobbies (particularly in ski racing if he so chooses).  This new sense of responsibility is so empowering, like I have a new purpose in life!

Another thing this Mother’s Day brought me was the respect for the other mothers in my life- particularly for my own mother.  Now I’m really lucky, I get to stay home with Jaxton while Josh is the bread-winner. I understand not all families can do this, and my mom was one of them.  My parents weren’t ever married, and so my mom raised me as a single, working-mom  when I was really little.  I don’t know how she did it. During the day every bit of my time is spent taking care of Jax.  Sure, when he’s napping (if I got the sleep I needed the night before) I’ll do the freezer cooking for the week or clean the house, but I’m still usually doing diaper laundry or something else relating to him.  My mom was a beginning teacher, and we all know teachers’ work doesn’t stay at school when they come home! Also, I have an awful time being separated from Jax, and I can’t imagine leaving him during the week to go to work! My mom told me both of us used to just cry and cry when she dropped me off at the babysitter’s house.  So basically, I appreciate my mom so much more now, she’s amazing and I love her so much! Happy Mother’s Day all you awesome moms out there!


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1 Response to Wait a minute, I get to celebrate Mother’s Day!?!?

  1. Jordyn says:

    Aww, that was such a sweet post. 🙂 I’m sure your mom is really proud of the great daughter she raised. Jaxton is lucky to have a mom like you!

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