Diaper Wars Episode 1: The Cloth Diapering Begins!

When we found out we were pregnant, I started pouring over all the ways to cut costs and diapers was going to be a huge money suck.  But cloth diapering was so overwhelming (and expensive… at the beginning). The options for cloth diapering can really overwhelm a new mom- there are pre-folds, All-In-Ones, pocket diaper, shells and liners, various sizes and one size fits all, etc etc etc… Out priorities were 1) not spend our life savings on diapers, 2) as little maintenance/replenishment cost as possible, 3) user-friendly for us (especially for the husband).  We ended up getting the Bumrite Birth to Potty Training Package here which was $536 when we got it, my mom bought us a pack of 20 cotton pre-folds (I believe it was about $10), we also got a diaper pail, and a pack of 3 Snappies from Amazon for like $3. Thus we have about $600, and sure it’s a lot of money upfront, but I firmly believe we won’t have to buy any more diapers, for multiple kids (though we would have to if we had two in diapers at the same time).

These are a few of the shell designs we got- they’re super cute! Some are snap and some are Velcro but we love both!

The big critique of these diapers was that on newborns, they’re really bulky. Our son Jax is wearing them and sure, they’re bulky, but still totally worth it! We trade off between using the snap-in liners under the shells and pre-folds. I prefer the liners, and hubs prefers the pre-folds- but both work awesome.

We also have an amazing toilet sprayer that we got with the diaper kit, and it was basically a non-negotiable component of cloth diapering as far as hubs was concerned. It’s like a mini-power washer for diapers!  I know a lot of people give cloth diapering grief because they can’t imagine handling the kid’s poop- well I haven’t ever really gotten my hands in it or anything, but I figure- that’s just something that comes with mothering, you just get gross stuff on you whether it’s poop, pee (I have a boy so I’m really familiar with this one!), vomit etc.

Sure, I do laundry every two days, but laundry isn’t a big deal for me.  So far I’ve always had enough liners and/or pre-folds, and I guess since he’s almost 4 weeks old and going to the bathroom ALL THE TIME, I should be good for the long-haul.  But, we’ll keep you updated on how things go! Anyone else using cloth diapers? What kind? How much do you love them? 🙂


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3 Responses to Diaper Wars Episode 1: The Cloth Diapering Begins!

  1. Angela Cluff says:

    We switched to cloth diapers when my son was 11 months old. He was moving up to a stage 4 in disposables and when you move up a stage, you get less diapers for the same price. So, to save money I switched over to cloth! I was hesitant at first, but I love them! My favorite diapers are BumGenius pocket diapers (they were similar to disposable so not as big of a change for us. Cloth diapering is the best! I only wish I new about it sooner. Way to start cloth diapering from the beginging!

  2. Ya I was a lil skeptical at first but I’m all for it now! (Josh)

  3. We have some of the pocket diapers that came in the package, but we’re planning to use them overnight when he doesn’t poop 3 times a night 😉 Glad to hear you like them though! (Emily)

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