Spring has sprung.

Spring has sprung in Utah! We’ve had gorgeous weather and everything’s greening up.  We’ve also recently discovered the zombie-tulips in the front of our yard!  We moved into our house last August, and everything was dead.  We didn’t touch the landscaping because we figured we’d start the following spring.  Turns out about a month ago some bulbs were coming up in the front of our house, then BLAM red and yellow tulips!  They’re basically awesome because we haven’t watered anything and I didn’t plant them.  Though, now that it is this next spring Josh and I are starting to work on the curb appeal of the house.  We’ve got a garden planned, and recently started the lawn maintenance.  Unfortunately front yard landscaping isn’t among the priorities, so it’ll have to wait.  I suppose it’ll give me time to decide what exactly we should do with the front- I’m going to make a legit drawing of the yards so we have an exact idea of what to do.  This is our first spring with the house- kind of overwhelming but super-exciting at the same time!



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2 Responses to Spring has sprung.

  1. Alison says:

    Beautiful tulips! Thanks for sharing with those of us who are tulip-deprived 😛 Just one thing at a time, keep moving forward, and one day you’ll have the yard you always wanted. Don’t forget to enjoy it in the meantime!

  2. Jordyn says:

    Those are the best gardens…the ones you don’t have to take care of. 😉

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