Lo que está pasando

As of right now, Josh and I are in a pretty awesome place in our lives.  I just graduated in December with by BA and am finishing up my last two weeks at my job at Cyprus Credit Union before quitting to stay home with our new baby on the way! Josh is taking night classes at the University of Utah while working full-time at Reading Horizons, and we’re both trying to get ready for the next chapter in our lives.  Baby Jaxton is due April 15th, which puts me about 36 weeks pregnant.  We have a house in Salt Lake City, which we’re going to fix up and rent out next year.  We have two cats, Merlin and Gandalf (haha yes, we’re nerds) and we think they’re hilarious.  Gandi, the kitten, is half-Bengal and all trouble.  He’s the apple of our eye until Jaxton gets here.  Merlin’s kind of just old and annoying.

So about Jaxton… we’re going to cloth diaper- I know, it’s pretty intense.  We got this awesome kit from BumGenius that should basically take us through potty training and only need some odds and ends on the way.  Josh is surprisingly supportive, (not too many husbands would be biting at the bit to spray off their baby’s poop into the toilet and wash the used diapers)…  he’s a trooper.  The nursery is all ready, just waiting on the baby- though I know you can never be prepared enough.  First kids are scary and exciting… Oh, AND I’m going to have him naturally- and I feel very strongly about that.  Sure, a lot of people look at me and say, “Why do it without drugs if they’re there? They’re totally safe for the baby!”  Well, instead of opening the can of worms to my reasons to give childbirth naturally, I just smile and walk away.  Touchy subject to say the least. But that’s our next chapter- stay at home mom, new baby, praying to pay all of the bills at the end of the month.  Good stuff.


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1 Response to Lo que está pasando

  1. Jordyn says:

    This is such an exciting time! I can’t wait for you to have Jaxton so we can swap baby stories, pictures, advice, etc! 🙂

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